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College Football Hall of Fame

Client: College Football Hall Of Fame

Our College Football Hall of Fame phase 1 design and installation in Atlanta Georgia is officially on. We designed, engineered and provided a complete architainment lighting and control system consisting of 17,568 Martin VC Dot 9 LED Pixels being controlled by grandMA2 lighting console and VPU media server. The design also consists of a 33' x 24' 6mil LED wall provided by Formetco. The entire window facade of the building now dynamically changes color and runs custom content primarily concentrating on the 8 color colors of the building's marketing style guide.

Justin Garrone - Designer / Project Manager
Nate Mitchell - Content Designer
Kevin Swank of CYM Lighting - System Integration / Project Manager
Andrew Giffin - Lighting & Content Programmer
Brad Haynes of Martin Professional - LED Tech / Manufacturer Representative
Formetco - System Engineering and Installers

#Architectural Lighting #Lighting Design #Graphic Design #Motion Graphic Design

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